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Xenio F1000 Instruction Guide

Setup and instructions for the Xenio F1000 facial recognition time clock device

Table of Contents

What's in the box


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  Power Adapter   Connection Wires


Wall Mounting Bracket 1x
Mounting Plate 1x
Wall Plug 4x
Self-tapping Screw 4x
M5 Screw 4x
M3 Screw 2x



1. Drill holes on the wall or other surface according to the mounting plate.

2. Use four supplied self-tapping screws to secure the mounting plate on the wall.

3. Route the cables through the cable hole of the mounting plate and bracket, and connect to the wiring terminals.

4. Plug the wiring terminals into the device and use four supplied M5 screws to secure the bracket on the device.

5. Align the device with the mounting plate and buckle them together, and use two supplied M3 screws to secure the device on the mounting plate.

6. Adjust the tilt angle of the device according to your actual needs. 

  Device Bracket Mounting Plate Wall


8. Plug the green wiring terminals into the device.
9. Connect the power adapter and network cable (if applicable).


Time Clock Initial Setup

First, the Time Clock Device must be added to the software.

Once the Xenio F1000 is powered on, you will be prompted to begin the Initial Setup



Web App Configuration   


   From your Workeasysoftware account:


Select an enrollment method for instructions: 

Clocking In/Out

Select a clocking method for instructions:

Troubleshooting & Assistance

Having connection issues? Try the Time Clock Connection Helper 

Contact Support: (888) 783-1493

Create a Ticket:


To help us help you, please provide the Serial # of your Xenio F1000 time clock.

See: How to Check a Time Clock Serial # and App Version