Time Clock Settings

Time Clock Settings Overview

How to navigate to the time clock settings and an overview of each setting

Time clocks must be online to receive updates




1. Click the Cog Wheel to open the Global Settings



2. Click Time Clocks to expand the options and select Time Clock Settings



  3. Select an Assignment Group. Click here to learn about the Assignment Group  Hierarchy.


  •  Company – Applies to all Time Clocks 
  •  Group – A group of time clocks (department/location)
  • Time Clock – One or more individual Time Clocks


Settings Overview



  • Brightness - Click and drag the slider to change the brightness level


  • Prompt Dialogue Timeout - How long the modals on the time clock will be displayed. For example, the successful screens when clocking in/out.
  • Language - Select a language
  • Home Screen Date Format - Change the way the date formatting is displayed
  • Home Screen Time Format - Change the way the time formatting is displayed




  • Volume - Click and drag the slider to change the volume level



  • Matching Score - Sets the accuracy threshold of the fingerprint scanner. We recommend Very high




  • Card Format Type - Set the bit format for HID/RFID proximity cards 




  • Pin Authentication - Enable / Disable Pin icon on the home screen



  • Consecutive punch window (sec) - Prevents one employee from punching again before a certain time. To avoid double punches.



  • Enable Online Features - [ clock offline / online modes ] 

Think of Online / Offline as Time Clock Standard and Time Clock Basic modes

Online Mode - Punch restriction, adv breaks, last punch, sync

Offline Mode - Clock In/Out, end & start break, jobs are saved


Click      to update the Time Clock Settings