Time Clock Clocking Permissions

How to Set the Time Clock Clocking Permissions

How to send employees to a time clock device to enable them to clock in/out

The Time Clock In/Out Reporting Method must be enabled in the Reporting Hours for employees to appear on the Time Clock. 


1. Click the Global Settings Cog Wheel 



2. Click Time Clocks to expand the options and select Clocking Permissions



3. Select an Assignment Scope. To learn more, see The Assignment Scope Hierarchy


  •  Company – Applies to the whole company 
  •  Group – Applies to a group of employees such as a particular location or department
  •  Employee – Select one or more employees for individual application


     4. Select a Role 




5. Click    to select groups (location/department the clocking permissions will be applied to) 



6. Click    to select device(s)



7. Click     to apply the Clocking Permissions