Enrolling Employees

How to Enroll Faces with the Xenio F1000

How to Enroll Faces with Xenio Facial Recognition Time Clock devices

These instructions only apply to Xenio Facial Recognition devices

idle menu in temp-png


1. Tap    to open the menu

2. Select an authentication method to verify that you are an administrator on the device


* Super admin System Users will need to use the key to access the menu.

See: How to Use the Key to access the Time Clock Device Menu

3. Select Users from the menu options 

4. Select an employee from the list 


5. Tap    to enter the Face screen

6. Tap  

7. Look forward at the front-facing camera

* We recommend enrolling 3 faces per employee.

* Make sure that the face of the employee is clearly visible. 

  • If an employee wears accessories such as glasses or a hat, please enroll 1 face with and 1 face without the accessories. 
  • No hair over their face
  • Ears must be visible
  • No face masks

For best picture quality: 

  • Make sure the employee is standing still.
  • Make sure the employee looks directly into the camera.

* A preview of the captured image will be displayed


The employee can now clock via facial recognition.