Widgets for Managers Overview

Manager Widgets Overview

Overview of the Manager Widgets

  Manager Widgets

Time and Attendance Widgets Description
Employee Status Employee Status | Widget Overview

Exceptions | Widget Overview

Daily Approaching Break Deadline

(Coming Soon)

Pay Period Timeline

Pay Period Timeline | Widget Overview

Approaching Overtime

Approaching Overtime | Widget Overview


Scheduling Widgets Description
Scheduled Hours (Coming Soon)
Exceeded Employee Hours (Coming Soon)
Open Shift Criteria Counter (Coming Soon)
Planned vs Scheduled (Coming Soon)
Unfiled Team Staff (Coming Soon)
Schedule vs Need Criteria Counter (Coming Soon)
Schedule Criteria Counter (Coming Soon)
Total Scheduled Hours (Coming Soon)
Schedule Monitor (Coming Soon)


Time Off Management Widgets Description
Time Off Requests Time Off Requests | Widget Overview
Who is Out Who is Out | Widget Overview


Workeasy Software Widgets Description
Custom Field Expiration - Detailed (Coming Soon)
Custom Field Expiration - Summary (Coming Soon)
Birthdays (Coming Soon)
Employee Headcount (Coming Soon)


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