Manager Widgets

Employee Status | Widget Overview

How to Add the Employee Status Widget and an overview of the Widget Settings

The Employee Status Widget is an out-of-the-box widget in the web app that provides a quick way to see the current status of employees who are scheduled to work. Similar to the Who's In feature, the Employee Status Widget shows which employees are working based on the assigned shifts.


How to Add the Employee Status Widget


1. Click      in the Left Nav to open the Dashboard


2. Click      to enable the Manager Dashboard (if applicable)  


3. Click    at the top left of the screen and select   


4. Select   


5. In the Widget Gallery, enable      and click   

* The Employee Status Widget will appear on the Dashboard


Setting Description
Name Employee Name
  • Working
  • On Break
  • Out
    • The "Out" status considers the following: 
  • No Show
  • Scheduled
Time Time associated with the Status
Job Costing Job selected, if applicable



Widget Settings Overview


1. Click      and select  

    •    updates the widget to display the latest information
    •   removes the widget from the dashboard



2.  Make the necessary selections and click   


Setting Description
Display Status
  • Working
  • On Break
  • Out
  • No Show
  • Scheduled

Display Upcoming Scheduled employees within the next

Specify how many hours in advance you want to see scheduled employees
Display employees status within the last

Specify how far back you would like to see the employee status

* For 24/7 operations, we recommend 24 hours


3. Click