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Exceptions | Widget Overview

How to Add the Exceptions Widget and an overview of the Widget Settings

The Exceptions Widget is an extension of the Exceptions feature and provides a daily summary of the Exceptions.  Follow the instructions below to learn more.

How to Add the Exceptions Widget

1. In the Widget Gallery, enable       and click   

* The Exceptions Widget will appear on the Dashboard. You can click an Exception Type to view more details in the software.

Exception Types 

Arrived late - Employee arrived after their scheduled start time


Left Early - Employee left before their scheduled end time


Unplanned Absence - Employee was scheduled to work a scheduled shift but was not present


Missing Punch - Employee has clocked IN and their subsequent punch is missing 


Long Break - Employee break has exceeded the preset duration


No Break - Employee did not take their assigned break 



2.  Click     



Widget Settings Overview


By Default, all of the Exception Types are displayed. You can add/remove Exceptions from the display in the Settings. 


1. Click      and select  

    •    updates the widget to display the latest information
    •   removes the widget from the dashboard


2. Select specific Exception Types to be displayed and click   


3. Click