Initial Setup

Timesheet Approval Process Overview

Overview of the Timesheet Approval Process

The Timesheet approval process follows the logged on user's reporting structure


The Timesheet approval process consists of 4 parts (in order): 


1.   Management Levels are added


2.   Management Assignments are assigned to employees 


3.   Security Groups are added and assigned to employees. For a manager to manage Timesheets, the Manage Timesheet Privilege must be enabled.

4.   Workflows are reviewed/edited to reflect the company's Timesheet Approval process.

  • Reopen Pay Period 
  • Timesheet Approval - Initiated By Employee 
  • Timesheet Approval - Initiated By Manager 
  • Close Pay Period 

5.   A Pay Period Configuration is added which inserts the respective Timesheet that follows all of the rules configured in the previous steps