Workflows Overview

Workflows Overview

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What is a Workflow? A Workflow is a series of sequential tasks that need to be completed in order to reach a certain goal.


In Workeasy Software, the Workflow tool is used to define and implement approval processes within your company such as the Timesheet approval process. 




1. Click the Global Settings Cog Wheel 



2. Select Workflows 



3. Pick one of the  Workflow Categories and select a Workflow to edit the process. Below is a list of the available Workflows: 



  • Cancel Open Shift 
  • Cancel Schedule 
  • Cancel Staff Instances
  • Schedule Drop Off
  • Openshift Pick up
  • Publish Open Shifts
  • Publish Schedules 
  • Swap Schedule 



  • Asset Request



  • Cancel Group and Instances 
  • Employee Cancel Plans 
  • New Benefits Enrollment 
  • Employee Eligible for Benefits 
  • Update Current Benefits 
  • Employee Dependents 


Document Center

  • Document Request



  • Training


Time and Attendance 

  • Reopen Pay Period 
  • Timesheet Approval - Initiated By Employee 
  • Timesheet Approval - Initiated By Manager 
  • Close Pay Period 



  • Cancel Time Off Request 
  • Time Off Request


The Workflow Toolbar 



  Activities - Opens a list of Activities. Drag and drop an activity to add it to the Workflow 


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To Delete an added Activity: Double click the Activity and click 



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   Select - Click and drag to select multiple objects

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   Zoom to Fit

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   Save - Save changes made to the Workflow


To Delete a connection: Double click the Connection Arrow and click 



To Add a connection: Click the border of an activity  ,   , and drag the Connection Arrow to an applicable Activity