Management Levels

Management Levels Overview

Overview of the Management Levels and how to establish a chain of command for the Workflow Review Process

If you don't see Management Levels listed in the Global Settings, please contact support for assistance

Management Levels Overview


Management Levels are used for various employee approvals (e.g. timesheet approvals, shift swaps, paid time off).


For example: 


By default     is the top level, but names and additional levels may have been added in the Initial Setup Wizard


To add additional Management Levels:


1. Click the Global Settings Cog Wheel 


2. Select Management Levels


3. Click on one of the existing levels, click the Ellipsis, and select Add. 



4. Enter a name for the new Management Level



*Allow multiple managers allows for multiple individuals in the company to adopt the same Management Level


5. Click   


Manager will appear under Administrator (Top Level)



Upon clicking Manager to see the details, you will see: 



You can follow this process to recreate the Management Level structure within your company.