Pay Period Configuration

Pay Period Configuration Overview

Overview of the Pay Period Configuration rules effective in a Timesheet

By default, a Pay Period Configuration is rule is added in the Initial Setup Wizard




1. Click    to open the Global Settings



2. Click Time and Attendance to expand the options and select Pay Period Configuration



3. To add a new Pay Period Configuration rule:   Click      and select Add     


To edit an existing Pay Period Configuration rule: 

Select a  Pay Period Configuration,   Click     and select Edit      


To Archive (delete) an existing Pay Period  Configuration Rule:

Select a  Pay Period Configuration,   Click     and select Archive    




1. Name - Display name for the Pay Period Configuration Rule 

  • e.g. Timesheet - Weekly 

A Timesheet with this name will populate in the Left Nav of the EasyClocking product area. Timesheets are where employee attendance records are displayed and managed. 


2. Select a Pay Period Schedule

For customized configurations, please see: How to Add a Pay Schedule

  • Weekly 
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Semi-Monthly 

3. Select the first day of the work week (for overtime calculations)

  • e.g. Weekly - Monday to Sunday 

* Make sure the Pay Period Start Date matches with the first day of the work week, unless you are using a semi-monthly pay period


4. . Select a Beginning on date (When should this rule go into effect?) 



1. Approval after pay period end

  • Specify how many days after the end of the pay period managers are allowed to approve the Timesheet (Approval)
  •  After the approval deadline, managers will not be allowed to approve the Timesheet. Only employees with the Timesheet Administrator Privilege will be allowed to approve the Timesheet after the deadline. 

2. Close after pay period end

  • How many days after the pay period ends do you want to close the pay period? (Deadline)
  • After this date, the    button will become available in the Timesheet, unless configured differently in the Close Pay Period Workflow 



* The start, end, approval, and deadline dates will be displayed at the top of the Timesheet




The following Workflows effect the Timesheet:

  • Reopen Pay Period
  • Timesheet Approval - Initiated By Employee 
  • Timesheet Approval - Initiated By Manager 
  • Close Pay Period


Click      to save the Pay Period Configuration rule