Pay Period Overview

Pay Period Overview | Overview

Learn about the Pay Period Overview where employee timesheets are managed

Pay Period Overview


The Pay Period Overview is where employee timesheets are managed. Each of the settings and features are described below. 


1. Go to the EasyClocking product area

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 2. Select a Timesheet from the Left Nav to Open the Pay Period Overview




Setting Description
View in decimals

When selected: Displays times as decimal values.

  • e.g. Displays 12.50 instead of 12:30
Show original Clock In/Out times

When selected: Displays times before modifications were made. Modifications include: 

  • Rounding
  • Manager edits
Where it falls time log behavior

Split only at the end of the period - For overnight employees, allocates a punch at the end of the workday on the last day of the pay period at 12:00 am. 

Always split - For overnight employees, allocates a punch at the end of the workday at 12:00 a.m. 

View Options

Setting Description
Group By

You can sort employees in the Pay Period Overview into Groups including, but not limited to:  

  • Location Groups
  • Department Groups
  • Position Groups

* A Group heading will display above the individual Groups.

Sort Direction

Asc (Ascending) - Alphabetically sorts starting from "A"

Desc (Descending) - Alphabetically sorts starting from "Z"

Time Codes

Time Codes - Select which Time Codes are displayed within the Pay Period Overview.  


Payables can be added to the view of the Pay Period Overview. 


  Advanced Filter(s) 

Use the Advanced Filters to filter the employees displayed in the Pay Period Overview. 

Timesheet Status

Filter the employee timesheets by "Pending" or "Approved". 

  • Pending - Shows only employees' timesheets that are incomplete/awaiting approval. 
  • Approved - Shows employees' timesheets that have been approved. 


Filter the displayed employees by fields in the Employee Profile.

Setting Description
Search for ID or Name Search results contain the ID or Name entered
Status Filter displayed employees by their Employment Status  
  • Active
  • Inactive
  • Pending 
  • Terminated
Archiving Status
  • Not Archived
  • Archived
Employee Type
  • Regular
  • Intern
  • Seasonal
  • Temporary
  • Contractor
  • On Call
  • Vendor Employees
FT/PT Status
  • Full Time
  • Part Time

Log Location

Filter by the location that is assigned to the "IN" punch on the Timesheet. 


Filter displayed employees by the Exceptions.

Exception Description
Arrived Early Arrived before the scheduled start time
Arrived Late Arrived after the scheduled start time
Left Early Left before the scheduled end time
Left Late Left after the scheduled end time
No Show

Scheduled to work a scheduled shift but was not present

Missing Punch Employee has clocked IN and their subsequent punch is missing 
Long Break Break has exceeded the preset duration
No Break Employee did not take their assigned break 
Short Break Break was shorter than the preset duration


Filter displayed employees by Groups, such as Location, Department, or Position.

Custom Fields

Filter displayed employees by Custom Field

Pay Period Selection

The Pay Period Selection is used to navigate between different pay periods. The pay period ranges are based on the Pay Period Configuration

Pay Period Timeline


The Pay Period Timeline displays a timeline that contains the following: 

  • Start - Start Date of the pay period
  • End - End date of the pay period
  • Approval - Timesheet approval due date
  • Deadline - Deadline to close the pay period

They pay period can be closed once the deadline has been reached and all timesheets in the Pay Period Overview have been approved. 

Employee Timesheets

Individual employee timesheets can be accessed through the Pay Period Overview. 

To learn more, see: Timesheets - Manage Timesheets