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Groups Overview

How to add Groups and an overview of the related settings.

If you don't see Groups listed in the Global Settings, please contact us.   Support: 1-888-783-1493  |  Create a Ticket 

By default, the Location, Department, and Position Groups can be added in the Initial Setup Wizard.


Groups Overview


What is a Group? A Group is an Assignment Scope that contains specific instances within the scope. For example, you could add a Group called "Management" and add instances to the Management Group such as Team Leads, Assistant Managers, or Supervisors. 


There are 3 Assignment Scopes that are used for assigning rules within the software: Company, Group, and Employee. 


To learn more, see The Assignment Scope Hierarchy


How to Add a Group


1. Click    to open the Global Settings



2. Select Groups



3. Click       and select Add    


4. Enter a Name and configure each setting as necessary


Setting Description
Name Display name of the Group
Description Group Description
Dynamic Group

Conditional grouping calculated on a daily basis.

Is Managed Enables you to choose a management level for this group 
  • All
  • Employees
  • Devices


5. Click   


6. Click the new Group to Select it


7. Click      and select Group Structure 


8. Click   


9. Click       and select Add    


10. Enter a Name



11. Click   


The new Group will appear In the Left Nav under Organization Groups 



To add custom expressions to a Dynamic Group: How to Add Custom Expressions to a Dynamic Group