Advanced Settings

How to Add Custom Fields

Specify and assign a name to a custom reporting element. Useful for tracking and reporting of specified records.

1. Click the Global Settings Cog Wheel 



2. Select Custom Fields



3. Click      and select Add   


4. Fill out the Required Fields:


Setting Description
Name Display Name for the Custom Field


(Custom field populates in the Profile Designer Toolbox)

Data Type

Yes/No - Question Type

Numeric - Number

Text -Alphanumeric

Date/Time - Calendar with the Time

Selection - Define the selection values. Only 1 selection allowed. 

Multiple Selection - Define the selection values for multiple values. 

Depending on which Data Type you chose, some of the options may change. 

Expiration Date Set an Expiration Date to alert users of the Expiration date. (optional)
  • Value 
  • Optional 
  • Required on Employee Profile
  • Notify
Select a Management Level to be notified 
  • Notify to Owner

Yes - Notifies the employee when the expiration date is reached.

No - Does not notify the employee of the expiration date. 

  • Recurrency Type

How often would you like the software to check for upcoming expiration dates?

  • Daily 
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Advanced
  • Time Zone
Select a Time Zone
  • Time 
What time do you want the software to check for an upcoming Expiration Date? 
  • How Far Ahead
How far ahead should the software look for upcoming expiration dates?
  • Time Range
Based on the Recurrency Type
Regular Expression

Set special conditions for text input. (optional) Learn More

Required on Employee Profile

If Yes - Cannot save the employee profile unit a value is entered.

If No - The custom field is optional and not required to save the Employee Profile.

Default Value Set a default value


5. Click      to add the Custom Field