Policy Plan

Time Off Policies Overview

How to Add a Policy Plan to set the baseline rules for EasyTimeOff

EasyTimeOff is required to access Time Off Policies

Time Off Configurations must be added before reviewing Time Off Policies


Table of Contents





1. Select EasyTimeOff from the product menu

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2. Select   Time Off Policies from the Left Nav


3. Click      to add a new Time Off Policy 

or click    and  Edit to edit an existing Time Off Policy



1. Enter the General Information

Plan Name  Display name of the Policy Plan
Description  Description of the plan (Optional)
Effective From  Select a date from which the policy plan   will go into effect




2. Assign a scope to the Policy Plan

Select the scope the Policy Plan will be applied to: 

   Company - Applies to every employee within the company (default) 

   Organization Group - Applies to  one or more Groups

   Employee Fields - Apply to specific Employee Fields



Use the   Summary Indicator to see how many employees are within the scope




If employees(s) are assigned to 2 Time Off Policies, the newest Time Off Policy will take priority. If the plan is effective in the future, that plan will take priority at the Policy Start Date.


3. Configure the Time Off Types

To add additional time off types, see How to Add Time Off Types


Select a link below for specific instructions: 


4. Add Accrual Rules - This is where the accrual rules will be configured for Deductible Time Off Types


5. Add Blackout Dates - Select a Blackout Set from the drop-down and click      to enable it


6. Click     to add the Time Off Policy


The Policy Plan will appear under Time Off Policies


To   Edit,    Archive, or Screen_Shot_2022-08-04_at_12.37.37_PM.png Duplicate Policy Plan , click    and select an option