Blackout Sets

How to Add a Blackout Set

How to add a Blackout Set to the Policy Plan for use in the Time Off Request Workflow

What is a Blackout Set? A Blackout Set is a date, or list of dates, where employees are unable to request time off. Once a Blackout Set is added, it can be enabled through a Policy Plan and the system can automatically deny time of requests without the input of a manager through the Time Off Request Workflow. 


1. Click    to open the Global Settings



2. Click Time Off to expand the options and select Blackout Set



3. Click   



4. Enter a Name and click 



5. A tile will appear, click   



6. Click     or click   


7. Enter the Name of the Blackout Date



8. Enter a Description (Optional) 


9. Select a date or or click      and select a range of dates


10. Click to      to add the Blackout Set to the Policy Plan