Time Off Types

How to Add Time Off Types

How to add time off types to be used in a Policy Plan

EasyTimeOff is required to add Time Off Types and edit existing ones.


1. Click    to open the Global Settings



2. Click Time Off to expand the options and select Time Off Types



3. Click      and select Add   


4. Enter a Name 


5. Enter a Code


6. Select a Balance Type 

  • Balance is tracked - Employee has a balance of hours per Policy Plan period.
    • Requests made deduct from the employee’s time off balance
    • Examples: Vacation, Sick Days, Personal Days
  • Balance is not tracked - No balance of hours for an employee
    • Examples: Jury Duty, Working Out-of-Office, Appointment
  • Comp Time Off - Holds comp time hours
    • When an employee works OT, those hours can be converted into Compensatory Time 

7. Enter a Description (Optional) 


8. Click      to save the Time Off Type