Team Staffing

How to Add Teams for Team Staffing

How to Add Teams based on Location and Department to be used in the Team Staffing View of the Scheduler.

Location and Department Groups must first be assigned to employees before employees can be assigned to Teams. See: How to Edit Employee Groups


Before you can schedule teams for Team Staffing, teams must be defined and added. To Add teams for Team Staffing, follow the instructions below. 


1. Go to the EasyScheduling Product Area

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2. Select a    Schedule Plan from the Left Nav and open Team Staffing

3. Click      and select Add   


4. Configure the settings as necessary


Setting Description
Name Display name of the Team Staffing rule
Color Display color of the shift on the Scheduler
Notes Leave a note (optional)
Team Definitions

Define the Team based on the Schedule Criteria assigned to the Schedule Plan.

1. Click this to start     

2. Click      and select   

3. Select a Group for Team assignments.

4. Required - Enter the required number of employees for the Schedule Criteria selected.

5. Total - Total number that can be accepted for the role requirement.

e.g. You need chefs for a resteraunt shift. There are 2 Total chefs available, but only 1 Required to fulfill the team requirement. 

* Repeat as necessary if multiple Schedule Criteria are required


5. Click     


* A new Team Staffing listing will appear that displays the details.



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