How to Add an Employee

  1. Before adding an employee, select or set up a Pay Period. For instructions, see How to Set Up or Change Pay Periods.
  2. In the Left Nav, click Dashboard > Employees > Employee List
  3. Click the vertical ellipsis and then the plus sign .
  4.  Enter the employee details. The red asterisks mark the mandatory fields.

    Mandatory Fields

    First Name                        Last Name
    Employee ID                     Status
    Hire Date Employee Type
    FT/PT Status Pay Period Frequency
    Pay Type FLSA Code
    Pay Rate Pay Rate Schedule
    Change Reason Location
  5. Click Create Employee if you are done adding the employee.
  6. If you need to add more employees, click Create and Add New.

    You're done! 🙂


The Pay Period has not been selected or configured if this message appears.

Please follow the How to Set Up or Change Pay Periods instructions to address this. 



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