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How to Set Recurring Shift Templates

How to set a recurring Shift Template in the Scheduler

1. Select EasyScheduling from the Product Menu


Image from Gyazo


2. Click a      Schedule Plan in the Left Nav to expand the options and select Scheduler



3. Insert a Shift Template into the Scheduler for each required employee (if there is not already one in place) 


Image from Gyazo

3. Click      and select Save   


4. Click      and select Weekly Patterns   



5. Select the Elements (Shift Template) you want to recur


6. Select one of the Recurrency Options:

  • Every week - Repeats every consecutive week
  • Every two weeks - Repeats every other consecutive week
  • Every 3 weeks - Repeats every 3 weeks 
  • Every four week - Repeats one week per month


7. Enter or select a start date


8. Enter or select a recurrency timeframe  


9. Click      to add the recurring Shift Template to the Scheduler