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How to Add Shift Templates

How to Add Shift Templates

What are Shift Templates?

Shift Templates are pre-made shifts that can be dragged and dropped into the calendar.  Shift Templates provide a quick and convenient way to add shifts when working in the Scheduler or Shift Planner. Shift Templates can be added from the Shift Templates feature in the Left Nav or directly from the Scheduler or Shift Planner when adding shifts. 


1. Go to the EasyScheduling Product Area

If EasyScheduling is not available, please skip to the next step. 

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2. Select a    Schedule Plan from the Left Nav and open the Shift Templates

3. Click      and select Add   



Setting Description
Name Display name of the Shift Template stored in the shift templates tab (show picture) 
Color Display color of the Shift on the Scheduler
Start Time The starting date and time of the shift.
End Time The ending date and time of the shift.

The options displayed here are based on the Schedule Criteria assigned to the related Schedule Plan. 

e.g. Location, Department

Job Selector

Select a Job to be assigned to the shift. 

* Enable Job Selection must be enabled in the related Schedule Plan.

Est. Break (min.)

The estimated break of the shift. 

  The break time entered is only used for “Planned” hours totals accuracy in the Scheduler. Entering a break time will not deduct the break automatically from the hours worked on the timecards.

Is Critical Marks shift as "Critical" for classification and workflow decisions.
Notes Notes are displayed in the Shift details and in the alert sent to employees.


5. Click      to add the Shift Template



 1. In the EasyScheduling product area, click a Schedule Plan in the left nav to expand the options and select Scheduler or Shift Planner. 


2. Click    to open the shift templates menu bar

* Drag and drop a Shift Template to apply it


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