Schedule Plans

How to Add Schedule Plans

How to add Schedule Plans to the Left Nav

EasyScheduling is required to add a Schedule Plan

By default, a Schedule Plan is created in the Initial Setup Wizard

What is a Schedule Plan? 

A Schedule Plan is a calendar where employees are scheduled. Multiple calendars can be added and employees can be assigned to different calendars. Calendars can be added with different Schedule Criteria, or rules, in which employees need to be scheduled. 


1. Click    to open the Global Settings.


2. Click Employee Scheduling to expand the options and select Schedule Plans.

3. Click      and select Add   




Setting Description

Display name of the Schedule Plan

Description *optional
Effective start

Starting date you can add Schedules.

* Please backdate if necessary

* Once the Schedule Plan is added, you cannot edit the Effective start date.

Effective end Change only if you plan for this calendar to end. Schedules cannot be added after the Effective end date. 
Time Zone Time Zone reflected on the calendar.
Schedule Criteria Select a Schedule Criteria.

Need a custom Workflow? Please contact us for assistance!

Setting Description
Allow shift drop Enables the Shift drop workflow option
Allow shift swap Enables the Shift swap workflow option
Shift drop workflow Select a Shift drop workflow
Shift swap workflow Select a Shift swap workflow
Publish shifts Select a Publish shifts workflow
Publish open shifts Select a Publish open shifts workflow
Cancel shifts Select a Cancel shifts workflow
Cancel open shifts Select a Cancel open shifts workflow
Cancel staffing Select a Cancel staffing workflow
Pickup Workflow Select a Pickup workflow

By default, all Custom Fields and all Groups are assigned to the calendar. Here you can restrict the calendar to only employees with certain Custom Fields or Groups assigned.

Setting Description
Custom Fields

e.g. certifications



Allow publish with Jumps

If Yes - Can publish schedules in future weeks before the current week's schedules are published.

If No - Cannot publish schedules in future weeks before the current week's schedules are published.

Enable job selection

Enables the Job Selector when adding shifts. 

Recommendation Engines

Select a Recommendation Engine to be used by the Schedule Plan.

Days before create shift:

Total days ahead you can view in the Scheduler.

e.g. 15 = able to view shifts 15 days in the future.

Est. Break (min.)

Default break that will be displayed when adding shifts. 

  The break time entered is only used for “Planned” hours totals accuracy in the Scheduler. Entering a break time will not deduct the break automatically from the hours worked on the timecards.


5. Click      to add the Schedule Plan 

* The Schedule Plan will appear in the EasyScheduling Left Nav