System Security

How to Add a Security Group

How to add a Security Group with Privileges to limit employee access to specific features

1. Select HR Data Management from the Product Menu

If HR Data Management is not available, please skip to the next step. 

2. Click System Security in the Left Nav to expand the options and select Security Groups

 3. Click      and Select Add   


4. Enter a name for the Security Group 



5. Click    to select Privileges for the Security Group. Please see the Privilege Group Details for more information and a comprehensive list of all Privileges. 


6.  Click    and select Groups

This will restrict the scope of Privileges to only the selected Groups. 

  • If no Groups are selected, the user will have access to everyone in the company
  • The selection of the Groups sets conditions. 
    • e.g. If you choose Miami (Location) and Sales (Department), the Miami Customer Service Department will not be shown because both conditions are not met. 

If Groups are selected, we strongly recommend selecting at least 1 Location


7. Click      to assign the Security Group