Dashboard Overview

Dashboard Overview

Overview of the 2 Dashboard types and Widget application

In the Workeasy Software Web App, there are widgets that display information for particular features in a bite-sized package. Widgets are useful for keeping track of specific stats without having to navigate all around the software. The Dashboard is where the widgets are displayed and managed.


The Dashboard is accessible in all of the Workeasy Software products



2 Dashboard Types


In the EWS web app, click      to open the Dashboard

The Dashboard defaults to either the Manager or Employee View. Only employees with Employee AND Manager Privileges will have access to the selector   

Manager Dashboard   

* The Manager Dashboard displays the Manager Widgets.

Employee Dashboard   

* The Employee Dashboard displays the Employee Widgets.



Rename the Dashboard


1. Click    in the top right corner of the screen and select   


2. Select   


3. Enter a name and click 



Multiple Dashboards


You can add multiple Dashboards. For example, one Dashboard for Time and Attendance Widgets and one for Scheduling Widgets.


1. Click    and select   

2. Enter a name and click   


* You can now switch between Dashboards



Widget Application


1. Click    in the top right corner of the screen and select   


2. Select     to open the Widget Gallery


3. Enable the desired Widgets and click    


* Click and drag      to resize Widgets



4. Click      


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