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How to Delete Time from Employee Timesheets | Web App

How to delete punches and durations from an employee's Timesheet as a manager (web app)

Time deletion removes undesired time entries from an employee's timesheet. This is useful for managers correcting mistakes. To delete a time entry from the Employee Timesheet, follow the instructions below: 

1.  Select EasyClocking from the Product Menu

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2. Select a Timesheet from the Left Nav and select an employee to open their Timesheet

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3. Locate the time entry you wish to delete and click   


4. Click the Trashcan icon to delete the time entry


5. Click      and select  Save   


Click      and select  Approve Timesheet     to save and approve the                  Timesheet


* Additionally, a deleted punch can be recovered once the Employee Timesheet is saved or approved by clicking    and  


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