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Time Off Policy: Balance is Not Tracked Time Off Types

Configure Balance is Not Tracked Time Off Types in a Time Off Policy

Balance is not tracked Time off Types are a form of time off, such as Jury Duty, where employees do not have a bank of hours subject to a set of accrual rules. Balance is not tracked Time off Types are requested or assigned as time off for a full day, half day, or other predetermined number of hours.


The images used in the article are for the Unpaid Time off Type but the instructions and descriptions below will work for all Balance is not Tracked time off types

General Information



General Information about the selected Time Off type. Here you will see the Time off Type's name, code, and balance type. For a Balance is not Tracked time off type, the balance type will be "Balance is not tracked". If the balance type says "Balance is not tracked" or "Comp Time Off" then see the Deductible Time Off Types article or the Comp Time Off article respectively. Here you can also choose whether the time off type is paid or unpaid.



Requesting Time Off



Setting Description
Employees can submit Balance not is Tracked time off type requests If checked gives employees the ability to submit time off requests
The following request validations will only apply to:

Employee & Manager request: Request validation options apply to a request made by a manager on behalf of an employee and an employee's request


Employee request: Request validation options only apply to an employee's time off request



Balances and Accrual Rules



Setting Description

Select a policy renewal cycle date:

A policy renewal cycle is an annual cycle in which balance calculations, annual carryovers, annual cap resets, and annual cash-out limits are conducted. Choose a policy renewal cycle.

On a specific date (MM/DD): This policy cycle will run from the select Month/Date to the same Month/Date of the following year. By default, the policy cycle runs from Jan 1 to Dec 31

Hire date anniversary: This policy cycle will renew each year on the employee's hire date anniversary.


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