Time & Attendance Reports

Timesheet Summary Report

Overview of the Timesheet Summary Report and how to run the report



The Timesheet Summary Report displays a summary of the employees Timesheets for the pay period


  • WH = Worked Hours
  • OT1 = Overtime
  • BT = Break Taken (employee clockin/out for break)
  • AB = Automatic Break (the software automatically deducted the break)
  • UPB = Unplanned Break


How to run a Timesheet Summary Report


1. Click Reports in the Left Nav to expand the options and select Time & Attendance


Image from Gyazo


2. Select Timesheet Summary from the Time & Attendance list


3. Apply filters



4. Click      to run a report


* A report will display on the right side of the screen


To download the report as a PDF file, click    and