Time Codes

How to Add a Time Code

How to Add a Time Code

Time Codes are codes used to classify employees' hours, and in some cases, are also used to determine a rate of pay. Time Codes are visible on Employee Timesheets to reflect how hours are processed and paid. 


1. Click    to open the Global Settings



2. Click Time and Attendance to expand the options and select Time Codes



3. Click      and select Add   


4. Fill in the required fields



Setting Description

Display name for the Time Code

  • e.g. Comp Time

Display code for the Time Code

  • e.g. CT
Rate Type
  • None 
  • Base rate 
  • Fixed 
  • (Base Rate * Multiplier) + Rate 
  • (Base Rate + Rate) * Multiplier
  • (Base Rate / Divider) + Rate 
  • (Base Rate + Rate) / Divider 


5. Click      to add the Time Code



Shift Differential Time Codes

Setting Instructions
Name Enter a name (e.g. Shift Differential 1)
Code Enter a Time Code (e.g. SD1) 
Rate Type Select (Base Rate * Multiplier + Rate) from the drop-down options

Based on your company's policy, select the amount an employee's Base Rate increases.

(e.g. 1 = $1 dollar increase to the Base Rate) 

Multiplier Set this to


* Repeat this process as necessary based on the number of Shift Differentials Required per Day/Week. Don't forget to increase the rate for each Shift Differential Time Code in succession.