My Portal

My Portal FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the My Portal feature


How to reset Password

As the portal holder, there are 3 ways a password can be reset.  This can be done through the following:


Web Portal (if the password was forgotten)

1. Go to the Login Portal

2. Click Forgot Password 

3. Enter the assigned email address and click Reset Password

4. Check your email

5. Click the word link


6.  Enter a new password and click Change


Web App

How to change a password from inside the web app.

  You must be logged in to to use these instructions


1. Click      in the top-right to expand the User Options


2. Select   



3. Enter the necessary credentials and click   

Passwords cannot be copy and pasted.

* This includes password managers and utilities. 



4. Click    



Mobile App


. Open the Mobile App and tap Forgot password? 

*An email will be automatically sent to the email provided


2. Check your email

3. Click the word link

4.  Enter a new password and click Change



How to Request Time Off

1. Log in to the Portal and select Time Off under My Portal on the Left Nav.

     *If Time Off is not displayed under My Portal, disregard


2. The hour remaining and used will be displayed.  Click Request Time Off.


3.  Fill in the type of Time-Off, Duration, and Date Range for the request.  Click Submit Request once completed.

Setting Description
Time-Off Time Off types that are enabled in the policy plan
Duration Determine if the time off request is for a full day, half day, or a specific amount of hours
From Start date of the Time Off Request
To End date of the Time Off Request
Hours Amount of hours that have been requested off in total

Actual Balance - The balance as of today

(+) Balance Forecasted -A forecast of the accrued hours between today and the requested dates. 

(-) Future Hours Approved - Time Off approved in the future that has not yet been taken.

(-) Carryover - Any applicable carryover events between today and the requested dates. 

(=) Available Balance - Available time off balance

Coworkers (accepted and pending) Coworkers that have already requested that day off or have pending requests for that day off
Comments Comments for the request are optional unless it has been enforced in the Policy Plan


*Once the Request has been submitted, an Admin/Manager will receive an approval request.


How to View My Documents


The My Documents Privilege must be enabled for employees to have access to My Documents.

The Documents tab must be enabled for employees to view Documents.

See: How to Add Documents to the Profile Designer

1. Log in to your Workeasy Software account.

2. Click    My Portal to expand the options and select Profile.

3. Click Documents

Here employees have access to Shared Documents and Employee Documents that have been assigned to them. Employees can also view and respond to pending document requests. 



How to leave a Comment on a punch

1. Under My Portal on the Left Nav, select Clock In/Out


2. Leave a comment before selecting Clock In/Out or Start Break


3. Comments may also be added via the Timesheet.  From the Left Nav, select Timesheets.


4.  Found on the right-hand side of a punch will be a text bubble.  Select it to leave a comment.