System Security

How to Update Password Policies

How to update Password Policies to change the password requirements to log in

Only 1 Password Policy can be in place. Adding a new Password Policy overrides the previous Password Policy. 


1. Select EasyHR from the Product Menu.

* If EasyHR is not available, continue to the next step


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2. Click    System Security in the Left Nav and select Password Policies



3. Click      and select Add   


Here are the defaults (for reference)


Settings Descriptions
Name What you would like to name your new policy
Effective Date  When you would like the policy to take effect
Password History Depth  How many passwords must be cycled before the password may be reused
Reset in Days How many days since an employee set their password before the system forces them to change it
Min/Max Length How short the password is required to be as well as how long it can be
Min Numbers Required  How many numbers the password must contain to be valid
Min Capitals Required How many capital letters must be contained in the password to be valid
Min Symbols Required How many symbols must be contained in the password to be valid
Eligible Symbols What symbols the system will allow in a password
Custom Regular Expression Advance configuration for passwords


4. Change the password requirements as needed


5. Click      to save the Password Policies