Time Off

How to Request Time Off | Web App

How to request time off through My Portal in the web app

1. Log in to your Workeasy Software account.


2. Click   My Portal to expand the options and select Time Off


My Portal pic


3. Click   Request Time Off pic-2


4. Make the necessary selections and click  Submit Request


Setting Description
Time-Off Time Off types that are enabled in the policy plan
Duration Determine if the time off request is for a full day, half day, or specific amount of hours
From Start date of the Time Off Request
To End date of the Time Off Request
Hours Amount of hours that have been requested off in total

Actual Balance - The balance as of today

(+) Balance Forecasted -A forecast of the accrued hours between today and the requesting dates. 

(-) Future Hours Approved - Time Off approved in the future that has not yet been taken.

(-) Carryover - Any applicable carryover events between today and the requesting dates. 

(=) Available Balance - Available time off balance

Coworkers (accepted and pending) Coworkers that have already requested that day off or have pending requests for that day off
Comments Comments for the request are optional unless it has been enforced in the Policy Plan