Reporting Hours

How to Configure Employee Time Reporting

1. Click Global Settings > Time and Attendance > Reporting Hours > Company/Group/ Employee.

  • Company: Applies to the whole company 
  • Group: Applies to a group of employees such as a particular location or department
  • Employee: Applies individually to one or more employees

4. After selecting Company, Group, or Employee, click the field under Rule Name and enter a rule name. 

5. Pick a Rule Effective Start Date. This rule defines when it should go into effect.

6. Select Max Shift Length and Max Rest In A Shift.

7. For Clock In/Out type, select User Selection or Quick Punch.

  •  User Selection: The user can select Clock In, Clock Out, Start Break
  •  Quick Punch: The user does not have a break assigned and automatically allocates an IN or OUT.

8. For overnight employees, under Daily Hours Allocation, select the type of hours allocation.

  • Leading Day: Hours will be allocated to the day of the clock IN punch
  • Where Hours Fall: Cuts at midnight
  • Trailing Day: Hours will be allocated to the day of the clock OUT punch

9. Select an applicable option for Default Time Code.

9. You may select if comments are mandatory.

10. Select the reporting method(s) for the assignment group.

Each checkbox activates the respective reporting method. Select an article below to learn more:

Web Clock In/Out- Clock In/Out through the Workeasy Software online portal  

Mobile Clock In/Out - Clock In/Out through the Workeasy Software Mobile App

Kiosk In/Out - Clock In/Out through a Kiosk

Job Tracking - Enables Job Costing when Clocking In/Out

11. Select the Group or Employee(s) for the selected assignment group (if applicable)

  • Company is automatically applied to all employees


12. Click      to add the new Reporting Hours rule