Mobile App for Managers

How to Add Missing Punches

How to Add Missing Punches for employees as a Manager with the EWS Mobile App

Employee's worked hours are based on the time between the clock in and clock out punch. If an employee only submits one time punch, they will have a missing punch as indicated by the    icon. As a manager, you can add missing punches for an employee from the mobile app. To add missing punches from the mobile app, follow the steps below:


  1. Tap     to open the menu

2. Select a Timesheet 


3. Select an employee with a

  missing punch 

4. Tap the date 

or $ Amount   

on the day with the missing punch

 5. Tap    and select   

Select a time, tap    to add the time entry to the Timesheet, and Tap    to go back to the Timesheet Details

 7. Tap      and select    to save changes