System Security

How to Add a System User

How to Add a System User

If you need to add an employee to use MyPortal or clock in/out, please see: How to Add an Employee.


System users are users with access to settings and information without actively participating in employee activities such as clocking in and out. System Users may include payroll specialists or administration. 


1. Select EasyHR from the Product Menu

* If EasyHR is not available, continue to the next step


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2. Click   System Security in the Left Nav and select System Users



3. Click      and select Add User   


4.  Fill out the required fields

  • The Employee's Email address
  • Preferred Name (Display Name)
  • Security Group
    • Super Admin provides full access to the EWS software
  • Language & Region


5. Click  


* An email will be automatically sent to the employee's email address with login instructions