Payable Types

How to Add Payable Types

How to Add a Payable Type to report wages and expenses for payroll.

Payable Types, or Payables, can be added and assigned to employee Timesheets to report Tips, Gas, or other wages and expenses related to payroll. To add and assign Payables, follow the instructions below:


1. Click the Global Settings Cog Wheel  


2. Click Time and Attendance to expand the options and select Payable Types


3. Click      and select Add     


4. Fill out the required fields and make the necessary selections


Setting Description
Name Display name of the Payable Type
Code (coming soon)
  • Tips Payable
  • Expense
By Unit

If No - Payables reported by $ amount

If Yes - Payables reported in units


Timesheet Application (Web App)


  1. Select EasyClocking from the Product Menu

Image from Gyazo


 2. Select a Timesheet from the Left Nav and select an employee to open their Timesheet


Image from Gyazo

2 Places to Add a Payable:


1. Click and select to apply a Payable to a work day. 



2. Click and select 


3. Click Add Payable and make the necessary selections

Setting Description
Date Date the Payable will be applied to
Type Select a Payable Type
Amount ($ or Units) 
  • Dollar Amount 
  • Unit Amount
Location Location assigned to the Payable 
Is an adjustment

Tips can be adjusted later if there is a reporting error. 

If No - No adjustment required

If Yes - Select the related Pay Period 

Notes Enter a note associated with the Payable entry (optional)


Timesheet Preview

4. Click      and select      to Save the Timesheet