Mobile App for Managers

How to Edit Time from the Mobile App

How to edit a time punch for employees as a Manager with the EWS Mobile App

As a manager, you can edit employee punch times from the mobile app.

To edit employee punch times from the mobile app, follow the steps below:


  1. Tap     to open the menu

2. Tap    and select     from

the Product Menu


3. Select a Timesheet 


4. Select an Employee

5. Tap the date   

or $ Amount   

on the day of the punch that needs to be edited

6. Tap & hold the punch until it turns 

light blue

7. Tap      and Select   

8. Tap the punch time to be edited


* Select a Punch Type and/or enter a note if applicable

9. Enter or select a new time

10. Tap    to change the time on the Timesheet and Tap    to go

back to the Timesheet Details

11. Tap      and Select    to save changes